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Tensile Strength Testing

Ultimate Tensile Strength, Young's Modulus, Elongation

Our Capabilities

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory performs tensile tests to determine behavior of materials under tensile axial loading. Test specimens are held by unique grips and pulled at a uniform rate. The rate of loading is determined by the type and size of test specimen and is usually specified in the corresponding standard (ASTM, ISO, MIL, etc.). Just like compression tests, tensile tests can determine many properties of materials such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, and more.


We own and operate an Instron universal 4201 load frame (1,125 lbs/5,000 Newton capacity) and an Instron 4400R universal load frame (5,000 lbs/22,000 Newtons) for compression and tensile testing. We also have the capabilities to perform physical testing in humidity and temperature-controlled environments.


Tensile testing specimens are usually dog-bone or dumbbell shaped. The samples must have the same ratio of length to cross-sectional area for repeatibility. We have our own molds for epoxies and other curable materials. We also have a die-cut for plastic/polymer sheets.

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