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The clients we serve represent a wide spectrum of technical knowledge. On one end of the spectrum we have provided analytical testing for high school student projects. On the opposite end of the spectrum are PhD scientists with decades of experience in their field(s). These pages provide a deeper look into our analytical capabilities and are tailored to those closer to the technical side of the spectrum. Whether you're trying to have a better grasp on our services or are a student wanting to learn more about test methods, equipment, or theory, we hope that this section proves helpful to everyone.


Materials have certain phy- sical properties that aren't related to how they perform mechanically, such as flash point.  Material characteriz- ation techniques can also be industry specific.  For example, there are different density methods and equip- ment for determining the densities of oils, aggreg- ates, plastics, and more; all specific to the material's use.


Physical testing measures the mechanical perfor- mance of materials. Resis- tance to tensile, compress- ive, impact, cyclic, & shear forces are accurately logg- ed and analyzed.

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