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Plastic Identification

Base Polymer & Co-polymer Identifications


FAI has all of the tools you need for identification and testing of plastics and polymers. Whether it's resin testing for quality control, a polymer identification for a legal case, or anything in between, we are prepared to identify & characterize any plastic.

How it Works

We begin all polymer identification projects by scanning the material with infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). This gives us a chemical fingerprint of the plastic which we can compare to a database of polymers, paints, adhesives, oils, lubricants, and more. An example of a plastic identification test is shown below.

Polypropylene infrared spectra for plastic and polymer identification

Usually, an infrared scan is all that is needed to identify a plastic or polymer. We can even identify the ratio of polymers in co-polymer blends such as polypropylene-polyethylene co-polymers. Some polymers are a bit more difficult to identify. After an FTIR is used to identify the base polymer(s), differential scanning calorimetry or thermal gravimetric analysis can be used to thermally identify the materials based on phase changes and weight percent of components. Some plastics, such as nylons, rubbers, and most composites can be thoroughly characterized and identified with these techniques.

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