From left to right: A compression test on flooring designed for elderly residents to reduce injury due to falls; A tensile test specimen being measured; A custom test we designed for garden shear performance comparison; Custom jaw fixtures designed to test the force exerted on teeth by retainers; A standard flexural test on a plywood sample.
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Physical Testing

Expert Physical Testing Services

Our Capabilities

FAI Materials Testing performs physical testing on nearly all materials in accordance with a wide range of standard test methods from ASTM, TAPPI, and ISO. FAI Materials Testing offers custom methodology and equipment to meet your unique testing needs.

We test to determine a variety of physical properties including:

Customized Testing Solutions

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory also constructs specialized rigs for physical testing.  Every project is different and sometimes traditional grips, impact heads, and other equipment just won't do the job. We have a machine shop in-house that engineers use to custom-build chambers, grips, and rigs for non-standard physical tests.  Contact us to see how we can meet your testing needs with a customized solution.

Customized Physical Testing Case Studies

Garden Shear Comparison

Garden shear in custom test rig before shear test on wood

FAI was tasked with comparing garden shears for performance.  Our engineers designed and constructed a special gripping system to hold the shears in our instron load frame and measure the force required to cut through various wooden dowel rods.  Failure along the handles of the shears was also observed and analyzed.  Because of our work, the client was able to apply firm data to their detailed design process.

Internal Forces in Retainers

Garden shear in custom test rig before shear test on wood

A client approached FAI with the need to measure the force exerted on teeth by a retainer. Custom grips were molded and sliced to allow the load frame to hold the retainer samples. The client was able to present the data to the FDA for product clearance.

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