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Microscopy Services at FAI

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory's Microscopy lab services provide a wide range of microstructure and surface analysis solutions. Our microscopy scientists offer advanced analytical techniques for visualizing and measuring microscopic features to nano-scale dimensions. Expertise includes the microscopic analysis of many sample types including metallurgical samples, geological and mineral cores and samples, electronic materials, ceramics, slides and a range of particles and contaminants on various surfaces and filters. Each of our microscopes has a camera attachment that allows us to take high resolution photographs at any magnification.

FAI offers the following microscopy solutions:

Optical Microscopy

  • up to 160x

Metallographic Optical Microscopy

  • up to 5,000x
  • Equipped with an ultra-bright Xenon lamp

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • 10x to 20,000x
  • Equipped with an EDX instrument for elemental analysis and mapping

Infrared Microscopy (FT-IR)

  • Mid-Infrared

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