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Instron Universal Load Frame

Servo-Mechanical Physical Testing

Standardized & Customized Testing Services

An Instron universal load frame can be used to determine physical properties of materials including tensile strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, bending modulus, tear resistance, creep and stress relaxation behaviors, and a range of other physical properties. We provide numerous types of physical testing on a wide variety of materials for our customers using two Instron universal load frames. Our test methods are consistent with ASTM methods including, but not limited to D412, D3330, D3787, D5034, and D5587. FAI also modifies the Instron load frames and methods to allow for unique customer needs and materials.

Our Load Frame

FAI Materials Testing Lab owns and operates a 4201 Instron load frame capable of compressive loads up to 1,125 lbs (5,000 Newtons) and a 4400R Instron load frame capable of compressive loads up to 5,000 lbs (22,000 Newtons).  We perform physical testing at the ASTM standard laboratory conditions of 23°C+/-1°C and 50%+/-5% relative humidity and have the ability to run heated or cryogenic compression testing.

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