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Independent Testing Laboratory

Unbiased - Impartial - Objective

Third Party Testing Lab

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory operates as a third party to ensure fair and objective testing.  We do not report speculations or draw conclusions outside of the limits of the data.

Meeting Your Needs

Do you need to:

  • Compare your product with competitors?
  • Determine which supplier's components or materials are performing better?
  • Reach into a topic outside your industry?
  • Unbiased Litigation Support?

FAI is the independent lab of choice.

Leverage Our Expertise

Sometimes you need to reach outside of your field to advanced in the market. FAI has experience in all of them.  You are not simply receiving professional testing services; you are leveraging the experience of professionals across every industry.  Contact Us today to find out more about our independent laboratory testing services.

Call us at 770-928-1930 or contact us to see how we can help you today.