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Flexural Modulus Testing

Expert 3-Point, 4-Point, & Customized Flexural Testing

Standardized 3 & 4 Point Bend Testing

There are two standard flexural tests that we perform. One is a three-point bend test where a beam-shaped sample is supported at both ends and pressed at its midpoint. The second method is supported on two ends and is pressed at two points between the supports. A three-point bend test is shown on the left. A four-point bend is shown on the right. The project on the left was determining the flexural modulus of a plywood sample. The project on the right was determining the modulus of rupture of a tempered glass.

Customized Flexural Testing

FAI Materials Testing also provides custom flexural testing solutions. We once supported a class-action lawsuit through physical testing of laptop hinges. The image below shows a free-end flexural test that we custom designed for this project.

Customized flexural bend testing on laptop hinges

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