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Construction projects of any size are always on a schedule. Using the right materials and practices are essential to staying on track. When you notice a problem where do you turn?

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory has helped many construction companies in the middle of a construction project. We have helped a composite support column manufacturer determine the cause of mold failure for their large column molds during the middle of building construction. We also helped a hospital builder determine whether or not an entire hospital had to be re-piped. One client was digging and found hundreds of ampoules of an old siphilis treatment buried at their dig site. We rushed the samples through testing to determine how they had to dispose of it legally. Each building project finished as scheduled. If you need fast and accurate laboratory testing results to get your project moving, FAI Materials Testing is the laboratory you need.

Case Studies

Corrosion Study for Hospital

Cross-section of a copper pipe with sealant and corrosion

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory supported a construction company as they investigated corrosion on pipes throughout a new hospital. We conducted an on-site evaluation and worked with consultants from the hospital and the caulk manufacturer to reach a conclusion.


The cause of corrosion was a water-based acoustical sealant. After analysis of the water-based sealant using Headspace GC-MS, extensive optical and metallographic microscopy to study the extent of the corrosion, and ion chromatography to quantify the corrosive agent, FAI determined that the pipes needed to be replaced and tested a new silicone-based caulk for replacement. This was all completed on schedule and the construction company was able to perform an emergency replacement of all pipes in the building to stay on track for the grand opening.

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