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  • Flooring Material
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  • Ceramics
  • Box Crush
  • Plastic Deformation
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Epoxy Strength

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Compressive Strength Testing

Plastic Flow, Ductile Fracture, & Compressive Failure Mode Analysis

What is Compressive Strength Testing?

Compressive strength testing is performed by "squishing" a sample under biaxial compressive loading.  This allows engineers to observe how a material or product performs and fails under stress.  Compression testing is performed on many materials that are "stronger" in compression than tension, or vice versa.  For example, concrete is much stronger under compression than tension.  Steel on the other hand, is stronger in tension.  This is why steel-reinforced concrete columns are used in building construction.  The concrete bears the weight of the building while the steel protects the structure from shear and torsion.

Our Capabilities

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory performs compression testing to characterize the behavior of materials subjected to compressive loads.  Samples are compressed at a uniform rate and the forces developed are recorded with a high speed, high resolution data acquisition system.  Calibration checks are recorded before every testing session.  The rate of compression is determined by the type and size of test specimen as called for in the corresponding standard test method (ASTM, ISO, DIN, etc.) if available.  Compression tests reveal a great deal about a material including compressive strength, modulus, and elasticity.  Hysteresis testing characterizes the effects of cyclic compression on a material.

Our Equipment

FAI operates instron universal load frames with compression plates for our compressive strength testing. To learn more about our equipment, check out our page on our Instron universal load frames.

Test Specimens

Most compression test specimens are either right, flat-topped cylinders or rectangular blocks. But, compression tests can also be performed on full-size or scaled models of products or components. We test materials and components and provide graphs of physical properties determined from the compressive testing such as ultimate compressive strength, failure mode, and more.

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